Saturday, July 10, 2010

Acne Solution 2

Acne dizziness that often came to visit? Ga tau again how do I overcome that annoying acne?

Traditional acne drug from potatoes is worth a try. Already there are a few testimonials from users of World Mother who had to prove efficacy of this acne medication.

It is easy, peel two potatoes, then the juice. Drink once a day. If the acne is reduced, can be reduced drink 2x a week. But get ready, yes, she feels uncomfortable. Yes but there ya emang rare 'drug' that tastes good:)

But if the tongue hard to accept the taste of potato juice, try the gado without the juice alone. Yes definitely taste the same-same, but because of crunchy and Kriuk-Kriuk, may be more acceptable by the tongue.

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